Thursday, January 18, 2018

Williamston NC This Weekend! Covered by WWPTV

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First pics and news of the new Loaded Deere from Norway

The Loaded Deere Pulling Team around Soren Naerland from Bryne, in Norway are currently building a new John Deere Component Diesel Super Stock.
After lots of problems with the old John Deere 4440 Diesel Super Stock tractor, especially with the durability of the original John Deere rear end, Soren and his team decided to build a new Component Super Stock tractor.
The new JD gets a Karlen Motorsports chassis with a Karlen Motorsports Rollcage, a hydraulic steering, an original 8530 John Deere sheet metal hood and a Rockwell rear end with Humpco parts.
The 8530 hood comes from the USA and the new rear glass fibre fenders were built by the John Deere Pulling Team from Hurup, in Denmark. The Karlen Motorsports chassis was the old chassis of the JD Component alcohol Super Stock Tractor called ,,Fully Loaded´´ of Jeff Hothem from Dellroy, Ohio in the USA. The Norwegian Team purchased the wedge chassis in the spring of 2017 from Jeff Hothem. In the package were also included the complete Rockwell rear end with the Humpco parts, the transmission and the JD 8530 hood. The new Super Stock also gets a set of used Midwest aluminium rims with cut Firestone Puller 2000 HP tires. The tires are 2 years old and were cut by Steen Dam in Denmark. The rear wheels come from the old 4440 Loaded Deere.
The Rockwell rear end has a billet Humpco aluminium center section with a Humpco billet aluminium diff, a Rockwell ring and pinion gear and Franklin magnesium planetaries carrier housing with Franklin planetaries. The new ride also will have a Profab 4 Speed HD transmission with a homemade driveline, a B&B 11 inch centrifugal clutch with 5 disks and a Browell clutch bell housing.
The new Loaded Deere has a 6 cylinder John Deere 6466 engine with 586cui. / 9.6l capacity. The engine will be running on Diesel fuel with a 4 charger setup in 2 stages. The power plant has a 6466 JD block with 124mm bore and Darton sleeves, a billet crankshaft, billet rods by Riverside and GMS (Gene's Machine Shop) billet pistons, a homemade intake and exhaust manifold, 4 Holset turbo chargers, a homemade intercooler, a billet Riverside steel cylinder head with 2.5´´ inch titanium intake and 2.05´´ inch Inconel exhaust valves, a Riverside billet steel camshaft, a Aviaid oil pump, a 17mm billet Columbus Diesel fuel pump and a Racepak data logger.
The Norwegian team will compete in the Norwegian Championship this season. The maiden run of the Component Diesel Super Stock Tractor is planned for the first National Championship round in the end of May 2018 in Bryne, Norway.

The old Loaded Deere in Brande (DK) 2015

11000 HOT FARM TRACTORS pulling at Rockville Virginia September 2017

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tough weekend for both European Pro Stocks in Gordyville

A tough weekend with a lots of damages and bad luck our 2 European Pro Stock Tractors called "Rocky" and "Extreme Temptation" had in Gifford, Illinois in the USA. The two Dutch teams went with high expectations to the Indoor Pull in Gordyville, but the first outing on US ground ended in a big disappointment. On wednesday, a day before the event started, both crews made a test pass in the Gordyville hall, but it wasn't a problem free day. First Extreme Temptation blew up its turbo after a few feet and Rocky  after his nice test pass had a damage at a pipe on the intercooler. The Extreme Temptation Pulling Team drove back to the workshop of the Gallitz Pulling Team and repaired the damaged turbocharger. Also the Rocky Team could fix the problem on the pipe of the intercooler after a few hours of work. On friday, William de Vos got another chance to make a test run during the event. This time, the test pass was trouble free and without any damage. The saturday for both Dutch teams things went from bad to worse. First in front of the sledge, was the European Champion Extreme Temptation with William de Vos in the hot seat. But, he didn't really get away from the start and the IH engine shut off. Back in the pits they found some broken timing gears on the engine. That's why the engine all of a sudden shut off. Another start wasn't possible. 
The last hope of the European fans were the Rocky Team. Driver Barend Huijbregts made a good start, but after 30-40 feet, the power of the engine went down also and the engine sounded like something wasn't 100% correct anymore. Only 73.440 feet for the reigning Dutch Champion of 2017. Back in the pits, they surprisingly found the same damage under hood as before on the Extreme Temptation: Some broken timing gears. Both crews couldn't believe that, they never had those problems before in Europe. A few days later in the Gallitz workshop in Jefferson, Wisconsin, both engines were dismantle and checked. They also found some bent valves in the heads and some other small damages on the power plants. A lots of work before the next Indoor Pull in Louisville, Kentucky. Hopefully the Extreme Temptation and the Rocky guys have more luck at the NFMS Pull next month.